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Remarkable Discoveries About Education Around the World.

School is a norm for most of us. Most people regard school as a place where you visit , meet thousands of students and learn. That is it, for most people. However, it has been noted that this may not be the case for various countries. Here a few discoveries about the significant facts about education in various parts of the globe.

To begin, Its China. According to the survey conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on how much homework children receive, China was the leading country in giving more homework to children. It was established that in Shanghai China, a fifteen years old student would spend about fourteen hours each week on homework. Surprisingly, The next country on the list was Russia yet the students spend less than ten hours in a week.

Next, its Netherlands. In this country, children begin their early education very early, in fact by the age of four they are done with pre-school. Surprisingly, the first day after their fourth birthday they transit to primary school. Therefore, in each day, there is a new student joining primary school.

The next country is England. England on the other hand, hold one of the ancient schools that has been in operation since its foundation. The King’s School, is the ancient school that was initiated in Canterbury, England in 597 AD and has never been shut down since the then. The school acts as both a day and a boarding school. However the most antique school in the entire world is the Shishi high school in China which was initiated in 141BC. But then it has been closed on different occasions in various periods in the history.

In Australia, there is a school that employs Radio learning as the only means of schooling. This is because the Alice springs school is located in a very remote area of Alice Springs that is difficult for children to locate.

The United States has a leading number of schools such as the Spring Arbor University Online, that provide quality education inclined with Christianity.

The other ground-breaking findings in learning, is the City Montessori School, situated in Lucknow, India The school held a total of 39,437 students in the year 2010.

Most importantly, it is alleged that education leads to greater earnings. Findings by UNESCO, shows that every year that a child attends to school, they increase their earnings by 10%. This is even more valuable to children in the developing country, an opportunity offered to a child to attend an added year of learning translates to better earnings. It has also been established that if the world can raise$39 billion a year then this money could send all the adolescents to school. This is because the number of adolescents not in school is high.

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