Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Lampworked Glass Beads and Metal Charms, Drops and Focals

“None of this ‘personalized jewelry’ ever quite fits me,” I complained to my friend as we looked through pendant necklaces at the mall.”Well why don’t you make one that fits then?” she asked.So I did! Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, so of course a jack-o-lantern was necessary. I’ve always been an avid swimmer and was a volunteer lifeguard, but I didn’t want those typical whistles, so I found a much prettier (and prettier sounding) round tube whistle. Next is a picture of Roxy, my furbaby. Ducks are probably my favorite animal (after my dog of course), and that duck bead is too stinkin’ adorable. I tend to be shy, so I added the bird in a cage to remind myself to not be closed off. I can play a few chords and I love music, so a guitar charm was a must-have. And finally, I’ve been told I have a spiritual vibe, so a Fatima hand was the perfect addition–plus it has sparkly rhinestones. I had a ton of fun making this necklace and it always ends up being a conversation starter. I’m even making some for my girlfriends!

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