Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Antique Silver-Plated Pewter Charms and Drops, Glass Rhinestone Chatons and Preciosa Czech Glass Rhinestone Pendant

You don’t see too many cat owners taking our beloved pet out for a walk, although I’ve actually taken a friend’s cats out using cat harnesses. So, unlike dog owners we can’t easily show-off these animal companions in public and have everyone making a fuss. The next best thing is wearing a necklace with cat charms. It’s a surefire attention-getter to fellow feline-philes, or ailurophiles if you want to use a (cat) fancier word based on Greek. And the necklace dangling from a piece of furniture also doubles a great toy for those fur-faces to swat at.If you knew anything about our jewelry designer, Rose, you wouldn’t be surprised by these adorable cat earrings. Rose is a crazy cat lady–and proud of it. Aside from her own half dozen felines, she also always seems to have a litter of foster kittens from our local shelter. My favorite work days are when she brings the little floofy kitties to work for about 15 minutes before their transport arrives to take them to their spay/neuter appointments. A few of us go in the jewelry supply closet and open the carrier to just let the tiny paws and purrs lift our spirits. Though I admit it’s hard to focus immediately after lol.

Designed By: Rose, Jewelry Production Specialist, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

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