Womens First Love- Jewelry

Any man on earth who has a slightest of idea of womans likings knows that jewelry is every womans first love and men have no choice but to accept the fact. And this predilection is logical as jewelry is one thing always stuck to her body making her remember good times if she is going through anything not favoring her. We all know jewelry proves to be best friend when in financial crisis but this idea is old now as everything is insured these days. The current idea behind jewelry is not just to beautify but to invest ample money lying dead in bank accounts.

It is said that its easy to please her, all it needs is to buy her jewelry. No one but womans love for jewelry has made jewel markets grow in segments like bridal jewelry, engagement jewelry, daily wear jewelry are all examples of occasional jewelry. One is gemstone jewelry which is synonymous to celebrity or luxury jewelry and is in, today and ever.

Diamond being hardest, has most promising life span and so is used in something which is a symbol of permanence and eternity called a wedding ring. A cool blue solitaire sapphire ring or pendant could also feel and look great both at work and home as sapphire too is fine on durability scale unlike emerald. Luscious green emeralds are sensitive but fit well for someone hunting lively colors in jewels. Women could always well handle sensitive things. So you need not hesitate to buy something like that for her if the design really tempts you.

Occasions like birthday or wedding anniversary are meant to commemorate. To embalm these special moments with your ladylove, apply ideas like presenting her a handmade rose made up of chocolate and when it melts in her mouth, inside she discovers a ruby heart pendant or an oval sapphire and diamond ring. Nothing could be more exciting then suddenly reaching her workplace to pick her and parking the car in front of a jewelry store. Your woman would truly die on this gesture if you make this happen for her.

Women beautify self, with jewels and fall in love with them. But after all it is done for men on earth. Desire to look attractive then any other woman can, is all to save her man to get enchanted somewhere else. And she embodies this part in her as soon as the sex is decided in mothers womb. Therefore jewelry as her first love is eternal. Visit Diamond Engagement Rings and Color Diamond Jewelry for selection at angara.com

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